What can You expect at The Orchard?

We believe that worshiping the Living God ought to be an authentic experience and so when you arrive at The Orchard you'll find us to be fairly casual in our appearance and contemporary in our style. Despite that however, we take our calling to be followers of Jesus Christ very seriously.

As you come in you can expect to find a member of our Welcome Team to greet you and to help you find your way around and get your kids registered for one of our children's ministry classes.

You'll then have the opportunity to grab some coffee and a great snack before making your way way to some seats in our auditorium.

We usually kick off our Sunday worship service with some upbeat and uplifting music and you'll get to know one of our leadership team as they introduce some of the exciting events and activities that are coming up. We encourage everyone who attends The Orchard, whether regulars or visitors to take a few minutes to fill out a communication card which we make available. This card simply lets us know who you are and how we can best be of service to you.

After about 20 minutes or so of great music during which we invite you to participate as the words are projected onto a big screen - we will often spend a couple of minutes interviewing somebody about what God is doing in their life, or we'll move straight into a time of relevant teaching right from the Bible. At this time we dismiss our kids to fun, age appropriate classrooms in our children's ministry area. 

Toward the end of the service we give our regular attenders the opportunity to give in support of the work of the church and its ministry throughout our local area and around the world. Then we wrap up with a final song.

You can usually expect our worship services to last between 75-80 minutes. Then afterwards you can grab something else to drink, pick up your kids from their classrooms and spend some time getting to know some of the people here.

We also encourage our visitors to stop by our Resource Desk where we have a free gift for you - something to simply say thanks for coming!

We hope to have you join us soon.


There are lots of ways to get connected at The Orchard - here are just a few ways you'll want to get engaged!

Welcome Cafe: This is great opportunity for those who are newer to the Church to connect with others as well as one of our pastors. These events are held periodically following our Sunday worship service and are a fun and informal environment where you can ask questions and learn more about us.

Growth Groups: These are our small groups at The Orchard usually consisting of between 6-12 people and meeting at various locations around the area during the course of the week.

Serving: A great way to connect and to make a difference is by plugging in to one of our ministry teams. There are a wide variety of service opportunities available - and we guarantee that you'll love putting your God-given gifts, talents and abilities to work alongside of others.

Become a Member:  Becoming a member of a local church is a way in which you actively and publicly identify yourself with Christ and His people.  Members at The Orchard are those who announce "we're part of the team" and who energetically engage in serving the body, encouraging one another, faithfully giving and allowing themselves to receive encouragement and ministry from others.  We'd love to talk with you more about becoming a member at The Orchard and how it can be an important step in your spiritual growth.